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Upcoming Events
No events are scheduled.
PES School Announcements
Volunteer Training
Monday, August 10 @ 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday, August 11 @ 8:30 a.m.
PES Cafeteria
If you want to volunteer at PES you must attend one of the volunteer sessions.

BooK Bags Tags
This year each student at PES will receive a tag that will be attached to their book bag.  The tag will either be a school bus for bus riders, car tag for parent pick up or a school house for after school students.  The tag will have the appropriate information such as bus number or parent pick up location .  The tag needs to stay on the students book bag for the school year. 
PES 2015-2016 Dismissal Procedures:
· At 2:45 PM, students who ride the first run buses will be dismissed to load the bus.
· At 2:48 PM, students who are parent pick-up will be dismissed to exit the front door and walk to the lower parking lot.
A.            Kindergarten and Head Start parents shall park in the front turn-around or other assigned parking spot.  Staff will walk the students to designated areas and parents will sign them out.
B. Parents (Grades 1-5) shall park in their assigned parking spot.
C. Students in the Lower Parking lot area will be escorted to the parking lot.  Students may then walk to the cars.  Students are not allowed to walk off campus to cars improperly parked.
D. All cars should back into their assigned parking spot.  All Cars are to remain in a parked position until staff direct the parking lot to begin exiting in an orderly manner.
E.            Cars need to be in the parking lot.  Not on the side of the road, near the bus lane or in the faculty/staff parking lot.  Parents failing to follow the directions in Items B , C & D may forfeit their right to be on school grounds under the Floyd County Schools Civility Policy.  Students whose parents do not following the dismissal procedures will be asked to remain in parent-pick-up in the cafeteria. 
D.            Please, Please, Please do not park in the yards of the neighborhood residents.  They do become very upset and the police may be called.
E.            NO parents are to enter the building to walk to a classroom without approval from the office at any time.
· At 2:51 PM students who are second run bus students, FRC After-School Child Care and faculty/staff children will be dismissed at this time.
Note:  Parent pick-up during evening dismissal will begin on Monday, August 11th.  All parent pick-up students will be picked up at the classroom door during the first week of school.  Remember only those parents, grandparents and friends that are on the sign-out sheet are allowed to pick-up a child.
We appreciate your help as we dismiss our “Superstars” in a safe, efficient and orderly manner.
Prestonsburg Elementary School
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures Begin Monday, August 11th!!
Arrival Procedures: 
·    All Students (Bus Riders & Parent Drop-Off) who arrive prior to 7:45 AM shall go to the designated waiting area (Grades K-3 will go to the Gymnasium; Grades 4 and 5 as well as Head Start/ Pre-School will go to the Cafeteria).  Teachers will pick up students at their designated area at 7:45 AM.  Students arriving after 7:45 AM should report immediately to their classroom.
  • All Breakfast meals will be served in the classrooms.Students must arrive and have completed breakfast by 8:00 AM.
Parent Drop-Off in the Mornings:
  • The Parent Drop-Off Lane is in the front of the school building between 7:00 AM-7:45 AM.Once the car is stopped between the two white lanes, students should exit the vehicle to the right.Note:  Between 7:45 AM-8:00 AM, both the Car Lane and the Bus Lane may be used for parent drop off.  We recommend that students in grades K, 1 and Head Start  use the front drop off after 7:45 and students in grades 2-5 use the bus lane.
  • All Book Bags etc. need to be in the front of the vehicle.Parents should remain the vehicle at all times.
  • Parents wishing to walk their child to the front door, shall park in the lower parking lot.Parents should then use the stairs to walk up to the front of the school building.Parents are not allowed to enter the building without an appointment during morning arrival.
Note:  Kindergarten and Head Start may walk students to the classroom in the morning until August 13th1st Grade parents may walk their child to the classroom on August 5th and 6th.
Other Daily Protocols
  • Prestonsburg Elementary will not transfer telephone calls to classrooms during instruction.You should contact the teacher during their assigned planning time by phone or leave a message with the school secretary so that the teacher may return your call.
  • Sometimes parents want to drop off lunch to their child.This is permissible.We ask that lunch be dropped off at the office with your child’s name on it.Please let your child know in advance, so that they can stop by the office to pick up.
  • Young students will “forget” items from time to time.Please bring items to the office.Office Staff deliver items to the classroom at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM each day.
  • Classroom parties are permissible.If your child is having a birthday or other celebration, please discuss in advance with your child’s classroom teacher the plans for a party.
Prestonsburg Elementary PTA Information

PES will be accepting nominations for P.T.A. officers July 13- July 29.  The nomination form/poster will be in the front hall of the school.  
The P.T.A. election will be during PES Open House on August 3 from 4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Not a member of the P.T.A…….
…….You can become a member the night of Open House.
Membership Fee:  $1.00
Who can be a member of the P.T.A.?......
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